Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th Of July From Julia

Today we went to the local museum and E'ling Park in Chongqing, China. E'ling Park is a top the highest mountain in Chongqing. You can see the whole city from there. My favorite part was the tea houses. We were taught how to see, smell and drink tea. I ended up buying a very small clay tea pot and loose tea leaves. The tea is laced with white ginseng, which is great for weight loss and blood pressure.

Julia cried and slept less today. She really enjoyed moving around the stroller. We feel positive as she ate a little more today. I am hoping we can soon get her to smile or laugh.

Jason was our photographer and took many many pictures for you to enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julia is just precious. I love reading about how your trip is going and love the pictures. What a wonderful addition to your family.

Love, Robin (your cousin)

Friday, July 06, 2007 5:08:00 AM  

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